The National Level Crossing Portal (NLXP) has been developed as part of the National Level Crossing Safety Committee’s (NLCSC) Safety Strategy.

The NLXP was developed in response to stakeholder requests for better information to support safety management and investment decisions at level crossings.

The NLXP provides approved stakeholders with on-demand, self-service access to interactive level crossing data visualisations, tailored to their analysis needs.

Progressive data improvements

Updates to level crossing incident data in the NLXP were temporarily paused at 1 July 2022 to allow the system to reflect new occurrence reporting requirements introduced as part of the National Rail Safety Data Strategy. Updates to the level crossing incident data have again resumed.

The NLXP now makes use of network description (ontology) data provided by rail infrastructure managers to more accurately identify level crossing locations. At this stage the location data set is incomplete and NLXP users should exercise caution when interpreting the data, particularly for recent periods, or drawing conclusions from the comparative data. ONRSR will be working with rail infrastructure managers throughout 2023 to ensure this location data set is progressively completed and validated.

Business Glossary

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